EMULATOR WARNING ignoring locked user data image at C

good morning, I use appinventor in a public school of which I am not the IT manager. On some computers, when I launch the emulator, the following messages appear: "emulator: WARNING: ignoring locked user dataat C: \. Appinventor \ emulator \ Appinventor-emulator-data" and "emulator: WARNING: another emulator is runnibg" and "emulator : WARNING: ignoring locked SD card image at C: \. Appinventor \ emulator \ sdcard-image "
The emulator opens but stops at the line .... "GET / echeck / HTTP / 1.1" 200 40 .... "GET / echeck / HTTP / 1.1" 200 67
DEVICE = EMULATOR 5554 .... "GET / replstart / emulator-5554 HTTP / 1.1" 200 0
Nobody can help me?

Based on the warning messages, it sounds like there could be a couple of things wrong here:

  1. Typically, the .appinventor wouldn’t end up in C:. It’s supposed to go into the user’s home directory (usually something like C:\Users\username). Given that the root of the C: drive is likely locked for non-administrators, you won’t be able to write to that path. You may want to check with the school IT that this is the likely path (I would be really surprised here).
  2. Alternatively, it might be the case that there really is the case that IT has specified that C: should be the home directory. In that case, it’s likely that C:.appinventor (if it does exist) is owned by someone else. It’s unlikely your students have the permission to change ownership, resulting in the error. If the school is using a technology like DeepFreeze, it may be possible to reboot the machine and get a clean slate.
  3. Potentially, someone else used App Inventor on the machine and then locked their session rather than logging out. This will leave their copy of the emulator in memory and it may prevent you from starting a new copy successfully (after all, there is an emulator running, just not one controlled by you). Again, a reboot could solve this but that’s a bit drastic. You could also try opening up cmd.exe (Press Windows + R and type “cmd.exe” and press enter), then type in (including quotes): "C:\Program Files (x86)\AppInventor\commands-for-Appinventor\adb.exe" devices to see what emulators/devices it thinks are available. If you see an emulator-5554 entry, there’s already one running. You can also potentially use the Windows Task Manager if you have the permissions to do so.

Based on the fact that the paths just look non-standard, I’m leaning toward option 1 as a good starting point for a discussion. If you’re IT people are receptive, you can also have them reach out to us and we can further assist technically.

thank you so much

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