Emulator text error

for my 30 pc lab, I install the new aistarter
the following error keeps happening for different PC at different time, some time work after restart the PC some time not

other detailed:
you can add design component such button and textBox but it will appear with no text or with weird text or number

The new emulator by default starts up running whatever was running when it was last shut down.

That might be a project from another student in another class using that PC.

The Companion startup process eventually wipes that away when loading the current project.

I see that a lot as a Power User trying out student projects in the emulator.

what is the best practice you recommend to prevent this error
or to deal with this error

The corrupted/missing text issue is something we are tracking, and we think it might be due to an unexpected interaction with the fonts or the locale of the host machine as it's not something we see when we test on our laptops with a fresh Windows install (we're also not sure why this should be, but it's not consistent enough to replicate).

do you have suggestions to try

This happens quite often for me with the app pictured below; for other apps, it doesn't seem to be a problem. Sometimes a hard reset works. I can switch to another project and the different project displays correctly, but switching back to the display-errored project will keep the same error state with even the same letters or parts of letters missing (see Screen1's text where the top of the n is cut off).

Where is the previous state of the emulator saved; and is it possible to clear the "cache" or saved state for specific apps to get it to refresh?

Did you try other emulator?

Do you have a specific recommendation? This is installed and used in a school lab setting. I've used BlueStacks and Andy personally in the past, but the limited scope of the MIT Emulator is preferable in the school setting.

I am using LDPlayer.

  • you might try a different Font in the Project or Font size or whether it is Bold or not. The emulator might be flaky with the type face used. Does this happen in a real device using Companion or the apk?

Which version of Windows are you on? Our emulator is the last version published by Google that worked on Windows 7. If you are on a newer Windows version, you could try installing the latest emulator via Android Studio and copy the emulator directory from the Android Studio installation into the from-Android-sdk folder in the App Inventor installation directory and see if that fixes the problem on your system.

This only happens in the Emulator.

I'll link a 1min video in Google Drive showing a new error when I switched font faces. Usually, I don't mess with the font and just leave it at default, but when I switched the font; the emulator started glitching as seen in the video. It stopped when I switched all the font faces back to default; and it would start glitching again when I swapped a single font face and continued glitching until I switched it back. Around 46sec I got a runtime error; then went back to normal. Font Error in Emulator

I'm running Windows 10; I'll try this out and get back to you.

I try this solution and it work as the following
1- I install android studio
2- I uninstall appinventor restart the device then reinstall it

3- I copy the files from C:\Users\Lenovo\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
C:\Program Files\MIT App Inventor\from-Android-SDK\emulator
(note: I chose copy and replace )

thank you for your great effort

I restart the device and try the emulator its work fine now
best regards

This does not seem correct to me. The first path should be the Android SDK emulator path. Is that what you meant to write?

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i past the wrong path
the right path is C:\Users\Lenovo\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
i edited in the reply
best regards

I copied the folder yesterday and tested several times today and yesterday, and it seems to be working correctly even after resetting the connection multiple times. So thanks for the idea.

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