Emulator not working both in Windows 10 and MAC

Hello, I'm a Computer teacher and we are doing an online class. One of our problems is the emulator. Since the majority of my students are MAC users we only need to utilize the emulator that we installed.

Can you help us, how will we resolve issues with the emulator sometimes it sends an error message, sometimes it's working, and most of the time it crashed.

Welcome Teena.

That is good. It means there probably is no issues with your emulator. The emulator seems to work on both Win10 and MAC; just not all the time.

When "it sends an error message", what is the message? The only way to understand what is wrong is to know what the message indicates. Tell us what message you get please and someone might provide advice on how to avoid the problem. Errors can arise from coding. A common error is one where a developer uses a component that the emulator cannot 'emulate'. This usually happens with Sensor components. For instance, the standard emulator cannot emulate gps or Accellerator or Orientation sensor hardware.

"most of the time it crashed" is discerning. The problem when an emulator crashes is issues with the Project code; too large sound or image files for instance. Sometimes it can result from a school network that cannot handle a large number of students simultaneously. Do these crashes happen when only a few students are live developing or only during a large class?

Do you have emulator issues with simple Projects or only large projects or what? You might provide an example of a small Project that crashes.

You say you are doing an online class. Are students logging in from home? Is it that some students have the issues and others do not? If so, crashes could be due to issues with student's connections to the Internet.

As you see, this is not a simple question and the possible things that could be causing problems are many. Tell us more about the problem. When we know more, the people using the community can offer specific advice and should be able to help.


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