Emulator and java errors and BLE

Get java errors when running your example BLE app. Java is installed. The latest extension is installed 20200808.


Should have included this:

You did not need to go out and get Java for your desktop, unless you plan to do some open source work like extension writing.

MIT's emulator is very old, and might not have necessary libraries.

A more recent emulator might work for you.
See this FAQ for a couple of alternatives:

My current personal favorite is MemuPlay.

I forgot to mention, you should double check the Companion on your emulator has a version matching the one MIT mentions under its Help menu (2.60 or 2.60u ?)

ABG, thanks for the suggestion. I assume then that most people would not use the emulator for BLE but rather use the phone instead otherwise there would be many complaints. I guess I can use my phone but I will check out your emulator suggestions.

As far as version for Companion, shouldn't the one that appinventer uses be the correct version? How do you check the version?


Maybe this is the problem. Perhaps the old emulator does not like the new companion.

I missed the BLE part.

I doubt there is any way of using BLE on an emulator, sorry.

The emulator that MIT distributes with its aistarter program does not always get updated.
It can self-update at startup sometimes, but I find it cleaner to just download a fresh .apk from MIT or Google Play.

The Companion app displays its version at startup, and MIT's expectation is under its Help->Companion Information dropdown.

You really cannot use BLE with the emulator. Most PC’s do not support BLE anyway.
Use the companion on a real phone to develop an app.