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1. Explanation

Hi Everyone! After several months of not making extensions, I'm finally back with an extension, and this is my tenth extension. As you can see, this extension looks very simple, but don't underestimate it because it has a big impact. My motivation for making this extension actually started from a project I worked on with AI2. That project persuaded me to look for an extension that can send an email with some files, but it's tough to find. I've been trying all day to search until I'm sweating, but I can't find the extension that suits me. Most of them can do that only via SMTP, so I decided to make an extension that only uses the "Power of Android Class Intent" and can send an email with multiple files and can also be sent by various email apps such as Outlook, Yandex Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. For its uniqueness, there are three things that make this extension unique: it can send multiple files; it can send an email by various apps; and it runs with Android Class Intent.

This extension won't be updated anymore, that's why I've provided the source code.

Latest Version: 1
Released: 2023-01-12T23:00:00Z
Last Updated: 2023-01-12T23:00:00Z

2. Blocks


3. Usage

how to send an email with subject and message without attachments

blocks (2)

how to send an email with subject and message with single attachment


how to send an email with subject and message with multiple attachments

blocks (1)

how to send an email to multiple recipients

blocks (2)
see very simple right, you just need to separate it with commas

how do I find the package name of an email app


com.SalmanDev.EmailPlus.aix (6.7 KB)
Source Code : EmailPlus.txt (4.3 KB)


Good work @Salman_Dev :grin::+1:t2:


Thank you @Horizon :innocent:

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A nice extension; however, most of the functionality can be done with built-in blocks already. Intent is actually the ActivityStarter component in AppInventor. I don't think intent would be a good choice for verification emails, as this requires user interaction to send.

Without user interaction, we can also use Google Apps Script, and I am writing a guide for this.

Yup, I already knew about that before I made this extension. :wink:
There is even a simpler way than the one you show me. But there is some weakness in the activity starter that forces me to make this extension, which cannot do some of the things below :point_down:

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Indeed I did not make this extension for verification emails :wink:,
and indeed this extension requires user interaction to send. as we know many extensions use "intent" to send email but most of them didn't provide complete functions, therefore I made the complete one which can be claimed as the full version

Is it possible to send some files as well, and is it possible to send an email to other than Gmail?

If you use Google Apps Script, it does not need verification, and by default it sends to all mailboxes that the email address possesses...therefore the mail will appear in each inbox, I believe.

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Wow, so cool. :star_struck:
but of course you can't send email to other than gmail right :upside_down_face:

As repeated,

I would still recommend Tim's method, because this does not require user confirmation...would be nice to make an extension out of this.

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Sorry :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

good option. :wink: :+1:


When you say "send emails to various apps" - e.g. Gmail/Outlook, you actually mean send an email by various apps ??


Oh sorry, my mistake, :sweat_smile:
I'll fix it


Can you give me the name of the app code editor (and url) that you used to build your aix extension?

I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


There are many ways to build your extension

  1. Rush, made by Shreyash Saitwal, you can search it on the community

  2. Niotron IDE

  3. App Inventor Sources, you can search for this in community

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You can use Niotron IDE @ ide.niotron.com, but if you would like an offline editor that includes assets in your extension, you can use Rush.

I also have another personal favorite, when I need to make an extension with helper blocks and multiple Java files, I use extensions template.


Nice extension, but I'm still looking for a way to send an e-mail withought
the user seeing the actual mail-app in their screen.

I know that in case of the app 'Mail' you have to specify incoming and outgoing
mailserver, so is it possible to do this with Gmail (or other webbased mail app)?


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There are several solutions, see here

One of them which can do it is App Inventor Extensions: Mail | Pura Vida Apps which does not require additional tools like Apps Script...


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Great extension. Thanks.

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Thank you @rkuba :wink: