Duration between two saved instances from time picker(s)

I have tried six ways to sunday to figure this out before turning to this forum.... I have read all I can, but alas! I fail in figuring out what seemingly should be a simple routine.
How can I determine the duration between two set times???

This is the best I can come up with without a getting a series of errors, but it's just numbers nowhere near the range I am looking for.

Appreciate some help, thanks folks

Are they both just from Time Pickers, without any date adjustments?

If you sleep through midnight, you need to add a day's worth of milliseconds to the wake time ms, otherwise your subtraction will come out negative.

(draggable blocks)
Use this to get your sleep duration from 2 Time Instants.

Hey ABG, I am back to this routine.
2 things, 1, for curiosity, why a modulus equation? and 2, how do I convert the quotient to a readable duration of time?

Try something like this:

Vielen Dank, Anke. ( Entschuldigung mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut!)
My result adds 12 hours to the equation. Can I just delete that?

To which equation? Show your blocks and see here (point 4) to debug your blocks:

Entering the same values as you had, 11:00 pm (23:00), 06:50, the result I got was 19:50


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