DownloadToASD and Net extensions

If I use both extensions, the following error occurs with the companion but installed apk works.

What ca i do to fix it?



Delete the Companion directory (or at least the folder /assets) from the ASD and try again.

Deinstalled the companion and installed again. Same error.

Android version?
Post the aia or a small test aia, that reproduce this error.

Android 11+12

When i change DownloadToASD to version 2 it works perfekt.

I´l post a small aia but need some time for that.

I have no issues on Android 11 and 12 with Companion.

Here is my aia. I've tried to delete everything that isn't needed. Thnx for your effort.

ServiceTool_copy_1.aia (318,0 KB)

No issue / error... (on Android 12 with Companion).

Installed the companion on a new phone from a new PC and found that everything was working properly.

If I delete the companion on my PC and reinstall it, I have it in the folder immediately after installation

Dieser PC\moto e20\Interner gemeinsamer Speicher\Android\data\\files\assets

Suddenly all the files I've ever used in appinventor are inside, even if I deleted them in appinventor and don't use them anymore.

How do I get rid of them?

I have cleared browser cache several times.

delete the assets subdirectory

I tried. I uninstalled companion so that all folders were deleted. As soon as companion is installed again, everything is back.

As I already said in post #2.

  1. Open Settings on your test decive
  2. Apps
  3. MIT AI2 Companion
  4. Storage & Cache
  5. Clear storage
  6. Uninstall Companion
  7. Reinstall Companion

Of course, it is easier and faster if you connect the device to the computer via USB and delete the /assets folder in the ASD:

Computer\Pixel 4 XL\Internal shared storage\Android\data\\files\assets

It takes 10 sec at most.

yes, see also here TinyDB after uninstall of an APP - #6 by ewpatton

Did this...

This too and...

All the files are back again.

Ich habe das Tausende von Malen auf Dutzenden von Geräten mit allen Android-Version (2 -13) seit mehr als 10 Jahren gemacht. Es gab damit nie Probleme.

Mache ein Video von deiner Prozedur und lass uns an deinem "Mysterium" teilhaben. :wink:

I've done this thousands of times on dozens of devices with all Android versions (2 -13) for more than 10 years. There were never any problems with that.
Make a video of your procedure and let us see your mystery.

I should have noticed that on one of my (currently used) 19 test devices (Android 4 - 13).
And how should it be possible that the assets are back after "Storage & Cache" has been deleted?

After a (complete) uninstallation of the companion app, there should be NO more directories:
Computer\Pixel 4 XL\Internal shared storage\Android\data\

From your video:

  1. Storage & cache → Clear storage
  2. Uninstall

Did it.

True, there are no more directories.

After new installation everything is there again.