DownloadToASD and Net extensions

I took my screenshot from your video at second → 30, so after the installation was done.


Open these folders and show their content:


You can send my your aia via PM.
I can check it on my test devices (Android 11+).

Which Android version is running on your test device?

After uninstallation! The folder was still open and empty. After pressing "F5" the folder was gone.

After uninstallation the folder was gone. After installing Companion, all folders and files were there again.

I have 2 devices. Android 11+12. Both do the same.

What does your assets folder contain after reinstalling the companion without starting it?

and post the aia or send it to me privately.

Did you try these steps (on both devices)?

If so,and it doesn't works, try it again following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the device from your computer (put off the USB cable).
  2. Storage & cache → Clear storage
  3. Uninstall Companion
  4. Reboot the device
  5. Reinstall Companion

Apparently I was able to solve the problem. A Pac-Man game from back in the day caused this. Somehow my folder got cluttered with files that don't belong there.

and many others...

I exported and deleted the aia. Then re-imported from the computer. Now the assets folder only contains the files that are really needed.

No idea how something like that could happen. I think I can remember once accidentally copying a folder with lots of files into the media folder of the game.

However, I deleted them all by hand. Something must have gone wrong.

This problem is also fixed. Works now.

Thank you for your help and tips.

This all actually makes no sense at all and I don't think anyone is able to reproduce the issue.

I try to reproduce by myself.