Download picture and present in Canvas


I try to test Download picture and present in Canvas.

When setup DefaultFileScope=App, Asset,Private receive Error 1101
When setup DefaultFileScope=Legacy or Shared Picture is received but Canvas is not present:

I changed ResponseFileName to:

Canvas not present picture:

When setup DefaultFileScope=App (Android=11) Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STOREGE has been denied.

When setup DefaultFileScope=App (Android=10)

How to setup DefaultFileScope and ResponseFileName to work in all Android version?

the Web.GotFile method is broken, see also

you can test the fix on the test server
you will have to download the companion app of the test server to be able to test...


according to your screenshot, you like to download to the shared storage /Download... in this case you should set the Default FileScope to Shared...
alternatively if you don't want to share the downloaded image to other apps, you can set the Default FileScope to App and download to the ASD - application specific directory...


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Hi Taifun,

Thanks for your message:

  1. I try to test fix in test server with new Companion Version : 2.61t2u:
    Here is result in Android 10 and Android 11:

2, Make follow changes and all worked fine in Android 10 and Android 11: