Download file gpx from Google Drive

Hello everybody,
I would like to download a gpx file from my app from google drive, this is the code that I am trying to use but it does not work.
Help would be welcome.
Thanks so much.

Try searching the forum:

Where is the Web event block that fires when the downloaded file arrives?


Specifies the name of the file where the response should be saved. If SaveResponse is true and ResponseFileName is empty, then a new file name will be generated.

You need convert google drive link like this " "

This would also apply to downloading files…

Thanks for your help.
I followed your topic but for my beginner knowledge I couldn’t find anything that could help me.

By blocking events do you mean this? (I attach screenshots)

I used the tutorial code
Thanks for you help.

As previously advised, you are using the wrong url syntax to download a file from google drive:


will not work

Use this instead:<FILEID>

I corrected as you recommended me but the download does not work the same

Thanks, now this work and I received this message:
/storage/emulated/0/My Documents/Downloads/app_inventor_1589380674167.tmpricevuto
please how can i change directory and file name?fileName

I told you this in post 4 of this topic :wink:

There is a block to set the responseFilename. Put this BEFORE your Web1.get block

many thanks, now it works as I wanted

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