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I think you may be right, but getting blank files may indicate that something simply goes wrong. Certainly the zip file idea should make a difference. What will also make a difference is optimising the image files - ensure they are as small as can be, dimensionally and byte size. For example, you may have some 32bit images but no requirement for transparency, so they could be reduced to 24bit or less. Also, comparing JPG, PNG and Webp, Webp has the lowest byte size.

Ummm... I already posted a #tutorials-and-guides post before seeing this. Sorry.

How to download a big file using MediaFire.

This works on both Android and PC, but you need Google Chrome browser for it to work.

Follow the steps below to get a direct download link of your files :

  1. Open Go to [MediaFire]( ***
  2. Login or signup. ***
  3. After step 2, you would be redirected to your file storage directory. Click the below dropdown to see an image and to know what to do next.
  4. Image of initial directory. ![Screenshot_20220512-194131|281x500](upload://hBKzjkxlwfGIU892ARyv8liizvR.png)
    The directory would be like this. Note that the two folders that are present were previously created by me. Click on the upload arrow at the top-center of the screen. (It looks like the upload arrow in AppInventor Community.) ***
  5. Now a File upload screen will be shown. Click on the centre of the screen.
  6. Image of File Upload Request. ![Screenshot_20220512-194139|281x500](upload://zixKywYRHUdkLlCTQ0jK4g5Bj51.png) ***
  7. The File Upload Process will now start.
  8. Image of File being Uploaded. ![Screenshot_20220512-194210|281x500](upload://g5ncDAAkhosFkRRn4Iyd7BFxXB2.png) The file is being uploaded. The progress can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen. ***
  9. When the file will below uploaded successfully, you will get a toast message below. Now Click on the `Copy link` option beside the File Name.
  10. File uploaded successfully. ![Screenshot_20220512-194218|281x500](upload://Adwch4YOrYdmp9Sbrnxt5OI2Rz8.png) (Click on the `Copy Link` option beside the File Name.)
  11. Now open a new tab and then paste the link there.
  12. Image of File Link being pasted.
  13. Once the page is loaded, you will see a download button.  Don't single click on that ! 
    • If you are using an Android device, `long-press` on that download button.
    • If you are using a PC, `right-click` on that option.
    Download Button page Image. ![Screenshot_20220512-194310|281x500](upload://4iCLHWp1T6EK7gLMPgSjKX9uUYE.png) ***
  14. A pop-up box will appear. Now, `single-click` on the  Copy Link address  option.
  15. Pop-up box image ![Screenshot_20220512-194318|281x500](upload://j8XSSll9UmtMbdSiTdnx4H9Ndn.png) ***

And now you have a  Direct-Download Link  for your file.

Now you can use a hidden WebViewer or CustomWebview Extension by vknow360 (Sunny Gupta) to go to the url. This will download the file to the download directory. Now use a file extension to move the downloaded file to the directory you want the file to be at. I would recommend the FileTools extension if you want to move the file.

But instead of moving the file, I'd recommend to directly download the file to the directory using the CustomWebView extension as normal Webviewer doesn't allow you to set a Download directory.

Now why should you use MediaFire ?

This is because I got to know that you might have complications in downloading files over 3MB from Google Drive.

Here is the post where I learned from :

Also, MediaFire allows 10GB Space to Free Users.

With public files. This possible restriction does not apply to private files.....

But are private files available to everyone directly ?

Also, whenever I click on a Google Drive direct download link, it asks to choose Google Account to Download the file (probably for privacy verification). And this is also annoying. This happens only if I have Google Drive app on my phone though.

You have to use a google apps script web app owned by the same user as the files for this to work.

Try this .aia

DownloadBigFiles.aia (202.2 KB)

Enter this URL in the URL Box. :

Click on the Go Button.

The File will be Downloaded without any AppScript.

Also, if you want the solution to download the zip file, set the global HomeURL value to the download link and set VirtualScreen1.visible property to false.
Set the DownloadHelper1.Download's Download Directory property to the Download Directory you wish.

Then the file will be automatically downloaded on Screen1.Initialize

By the way, what is the file size of the .zip in your case ?

The size of the .zip file is 32.95 MB

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Did you try the .aia ?

Btw, remove the part - /storage/emulated/0 from the global DownloadDirectory variable.

I'm making the whole .aia for you then.

(When I get time.)

This is the link of folder for all pages

Did you do the thing with the .zip file and MediaFire ?

Actually, I am affraid to experience a different method.
I hope you can help me as possible with my .aia but by using zip file with Google script.
Thank you very much

I tried it and it asks me to choose Google Account to Download the file
ِAlso when I click Go Button it shows this message:
This website is blocked by your network operator

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Maybe because I may have set it to private.

Try using your own file.

I have used my own file and it doesn't download

Try pasting the link in Chrome browser search panel once. For me, the download is working properly, both in Chrome and the app.

I tried and it shows the same message