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Hello every one.

I have a project to download 604 jpg from Google drive into SD Card, but the problem is when it starts downloading the images and complete downloading 110 images, it then downloads only blank images and the size for each image is just 1.08 kb although there is a very large empty size in SD card.

FileByFile_pg.aia (23.2 KB)

I need to help me, please.

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Try saving the files to a different directory after 110 images are downloaded. (Not in a sub-directory though.)

I have tested downloading the files in different time one time at AM 6:00 completed download 100 files with full size but after that comes with 1.08 kb
and the second time at AM 8: 00 and download the next 175 files with full size file but after that again comes with 1.08 kb. So I think the problem is from the policy of Google Drive, it just allow to download a limit size of files each time. Am I right? or the problem is from other things?
Is there some way to add a condition in order to try redownload the file if the size is 1.08 kb?
Please help me to solve this problem.
Thank you all.

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I think mediafire would be another option then.

Also, if you want to download pages of a book, then you can rather make a .pdf file of it.

How can I use the mediafire.

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The project is not a suitable to use pdf as another option.

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Media fire is a website where you can store files.

A mobile device would be good for what I recommend.

  1. Upload your files to MediaFire.
  2. Get the download link.
  3. Click on the button that downloads the file.
  4. If you see the downloaded has started, long-press(for Android devices) on the button which on clicking downloaded the file.
  5. You will see a list of options. Click on the Copy-Link option.

There is an alternative way.

You can first download the pdf and then download the pages from the pdf one by one.

Or you can make a .zip file of all the images and then download and extract it programatically.

You could try this approach

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Kindly, Is there an aia to now how to zip file and download from Google drive and a written script because the script in the web is just an image.

As mentioned at the top of my guide here:

There may be download limits applied

Google now appear to have introduced automated query checks on file downloads for public files.
This may result in any files downloaded using this process returning as created, but empty.

You may have to treat your files as private files, and use a method like this, combined with the filebyfile approach:

Also, you might use a simpler download path:

Using the zip method above may help to overcome the automated query check by reducing the number of files being downloaded. Keep zip sizes under 3mb to avoid file size checks by google - this looks like @ 30 images per zip...

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If I use the zip method above to overcome the automated query check and keep zip sizes under 3mb to avoid file size checks by google then I will have 20 zip files. So, how I can program this method to make 20 zip files and how I can unzip these 20 zip files into the specific folder after download?
Thank you very much for helping me.

All there in the guide:

I tried to understand how to do this method but it is really a very difficult. Is there any explanation.
I really appreciate for your help.

You are right, it is an advanced project. I believe it is well explained in the guide, I can't make it any easier.

The alternative is to download your files as private, using the google apps script web app. This works around the automated query quota.

I told you before about MediaFire. If google doesn't allow downloading files over 3MB, you can use MediaFire anytime.

Perhaps you can provide an example of how you can download multiple (hundreds of) files from MediaFire?

Should I rather open a new topic under Tutorials and Guides then ?

Given you are offering this as a solution to the OP's problem, it makes more sense to keep it in this topic.