Dot menu with spinner selection

I have tried to add a dot bar menu with a button "DotMenu". The selection list shows and I select either "Close Application" or "Info". After I have choosen one of them, nothing happens. How to solve that problem and get it working?
If I put another "call setSpinner" in the "DotMenu.Click", then it opens the menu, and after I have selected one, I have to click the DotMenu button again to make what it should.

Any help is appreciated.



See here on how to set your spinner up in order to make any selection every time

Note that you cannot close an app whilst in companion mode, you will get an error message instead.

Exactly this example I have tried at first, but could not get working. Now it works, but after the second click on the "DotMenu" button. The close applocation works too, but also after the second click on the three dots button.
The set spinner.hight to 1 and with to 1 is only to make it unvisible, right? Can I make this also in the section where I have put the list?
Is it necessary to make a pre selection as you have made it with "close menu"? Will it show that "close menu" in the selection list of the spinner?

It is to keep it visible but so small the user cannot see it (spinner must be visible to work properly)

Put it in Screen1.Initialise, otherwise it will be visible on startup.

Yes, and if you follow the guide, this will always be the item selected whenever the spinner is opened, leaving all the selections you want available for selection.

Remove the setting for the prompt, and call Close Menu just Menu, if you want.

Blocks like this:

I have tried it again, but does not works! If I put the "call setSpinner" additionally in the "when DotMenu.Click" block from my previous post, it will make what it should, but after the second click on the dot-button. The first click opens the menu and after selecting it closes and do nothing. That is not useable this way.
Now I have made my own menu with two buttons in a table arrangement and set them visible when I click on the dot-button and after clicking on one of the buttons that are visible, it hides them and show the message or close the application.
Very simple, but I think the best solution!

All I can say is check your blocks, it works perfectly for me (and has done for many years)

is there a way that you can make the spinner show a prompt, such as "Select", without opening the spinner

Use a List Picker with the prompt in its .Text

Use a button to call the spinner