Does not work anymore with Android 11

I gave the link of my app to my friend who now has Android 11
After installing it the phone says that the app may not work with the new version of Android but does not give details.

My app uses:

SpeechRecognizer, TextToSpeech, AccelerometerSensor (as shaker), Clock(s), Web(s), Notifier, TinyDb (in 2 different screens), ActivityStarter
and some Layout
Any ideas ?

Maybe try increasing api level :thinking:

Sounds promising :slight_smile:
Where do I do that?

If your friend receives such a message / warning, he can click OK and the warning should no longer appear.


The problem is related to the targetSdkVersion. Which one was used / set for this app?

As I already said, we need more details.
(and e.g. upload the APK to Google Drive and post the link here)

I can give the apk but it's a french big app undocumented.
Where can I see/fix the targetSdkVersion?
App is there:
apk removed... please do not post apk files or an automatic download link.
I will try the OK button to better describe what's wrong.

No problem to open the APK on a Android 11 device (no message / warning).


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That's why I wrote:

OK Thanks for the advice. What's the danger ?
How can I give you a secret info? PM ?

Don't lose any sleep over it.

If something specific was found about your Android 10 App not being supported by Android 11, the message would say so - but it would seem that they (Google) have only read the recorded version number from the manifest. Of the large number of Apps on my Android 11 phone, 99% were complied for Android 10 or lower. They all work perfectly well.

Is your friend using the App? If anything does prove to be a problem he can report it to you, and you can report it to us.

Thanks for your answer, I'll dig it asa I see my friend!

One thing I remember I saw with him:
When he download the app it comes with and the system does not propose to install it.
After renaming to Telechaud.apk It still does not propose an installation when we click on it. We had to use ES Explorer to have it installed.
I dont think this is important but I dont really know...

Thanks for your answer.
The app is downloaded using the phone's browser (phone : Google Pixel)

Unfortunately the problem has completerly gone and was probably due to versions mismatch from me.
I have uploaded the latest version and everything is ok (except .zip).
The app opens nicely without any warning/message and works lile a charm.

Sorry for distubing
Many thanks to all of you who helped me.

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