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Is it possible to open a docx or doc with appinventor read the file and store the content of document in a database so I can show them the way I want?

You might be able to use this community advice to read a Word document
How to view a .docx file in app inventor

However I expect you cannot directly read and write to a Microsoft Word doc (text document). The File component can read simple text files into a file or a Label or into storage in a database. A word of caution; MIT is replacing the existing File component supposedly on August 1, 2021 so the documentation is deprecated.

Hello Steve,

I do not want to write to another Word doc, but to save the content to a database , if I can say it like that, and from the DB to show the content the way I want.

To be clear, you are saying that once you have extracted the data from your Word doc/docx and placed it in the app / app database, you will not longer need to edit it, return it tio word doc/docx format ?

You would need to do some exporting in Word to get the text/images/tables, or convert to pdf....

Correct I will not need to do anything else with the word.

I will need to display the data from the DB to screen. No another word, no PDF

A Word Document, in all it's available forms, is not stored as plain text, but you can export from Word as plain text. If however images are also involved, best to export or convert from the Word Document to PDF for the purposes of a database.