Do not get response back from the web after the task is complete

I have to post text nine time to my DB in the web to complete tasks, but after the fourth time, the Data base is updated, but I do note get the response back, so the App can perform the following tasks, is there a limit on the times you can post text and get back response from the web? I changed the sequence of the fourth and third tasks, and again, the fourth does not retreives the response back, and you can see the DB was updated, has anybody experienced this?

you have to do it asynchronously,
start task 1, in the web component after task 1 is done, then
start task 2, in the web component after task 2 is done, then
start task 3, in the web component after task 3 is done, then etc

see an exanple of asynchronous procesing also here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps


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That is the way the tasks are competed, until one is complete, the next is fired, but there is a point in which there is tast posted, the DB in the web is updated, should get response content "Actualizado" and that is what I don´t get


After post text, can we verify either the data is posted in googlesheet or not using response code OR in simple word is there any block like "When Post Text, then do ..."