Display the sentences in screen

Hello patel,
Now I understood how I change the background of button. Thank you very much.
Is it possible to pause the scroll handler and wait until complete reading the whole sentence instead of continuing running the clock timer by using one clock for highlight the sentence and one other clock for scroll handler.

I don't understand what you mean, clocks are my strong point

Hello patel,
Forget about the previous question
I have another important question.
What is the best font for label and buttons because the font setting size is changing for every mobile and it affects to scrolling handler. I mean sometimes when highlight the sentence, the highlighted sentence comes up and the scrolling handler comes down.

I am trying to add two butons. One for increasing the font of label and the other one is for decreasing the font of label. What is the way to do that.

I don't think your way is correct, you have to increase/decrease a global variable, then reload by clicking on listview

test this aia example
CSVdynamicCOMP2.aia (95.8 KB)

I have tested the aia and it works fine but when increase the font and then exit from the app, the font returns to the previous font size. How can I save the size?

you can store the size on tinydb and read it when screen initialize

Is it possible to set the Texts in the listview instead of set them in label.

The question is not clear for me

I mean to put the sentences with the buttons in list view by using list view component instead of put the sentences in label

have a look here 🟦 Listview Examples with CompCreator but if I understand well he uses labels

I have looked to that link but I did not not find the way how to build the list view.

If you want use listview you can not use buttons and background images (as file listview).
But I don't understand why, thanks to tim you have now a very nice list

No need for the buttons and background images but the most imoprtant is the dynamic scroll. I want to use listview because the font size of the sentence in listview is not changing even if you change the setting font in mobile.

Ok, what's the problem using an usual listview ?

I don't know how to put the sentences in the listview

You can modify the TableLoad procedure or more simply

Thank you patel.
I have built all these blocks and I need to build one clock in order to highlight and read all sentences one by one and also build the second clock in order to highlght every single sentence seperatly. I mean the same idea for this : CSVdynamicCOMP2.aia (95.8 KB)

Are you sure you need clock, have you tried?