Display text from list without '' " or []

Hi I'm reading text from a list in a spreadsheet and it's displaying with [ ] at beginning and end, and " " around each item. How do I remove these? I suspect it's something to do with strings and values but can't work it out.


This is shown because in Screen1's properties Show Lists as Json is checked. You can work with out problem with the lists blocks to get the data you need and the result wont't have [" "]

For example global data in image is coming from gsheet

In app finally I get 2101503001 without [" "]. Try it and see

If I don't check Show Lists as Json then Lists are shown with ( )

But the result in the app will be the same

If you are lazy and sloppy you could pass the table through a List to CSV table conversion block.

Perhaps like this ?


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Because the data is a list (table data)

All of the texts (not integer) will be displayed with " at beginning and end of the text

Save responseContent as a list in a variable, Tiny DB, etc then use join items using separator block (connect it to the label/textbox that you want to display data in it.) and separate items with any separator (for example, _ underline).

including the integers !!

Yes but those [" "] characters is seen with Do it only if Show List as Json is checked in Screens1 properties otherwise if option is unckecked in Screen 1 List will have the form ( ) without " " characters

I mean only integers will not be shown with " , also the data that imports from google sheets will be shown with " even its integer

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your help!

I've tried unticking the ShowListsAsJSON box which has got me back to just () which is a good start.

I'll try the other approaches suggested and get back to you.

Hi I adapted TIMAI2's approach with the following code and got the desired approach. I'm using the spreadsheet function rather than web, and I'm using a ReadRow method to access the list.

thanks again.

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