Direct phone call, how add numbers and images

My project uses a tableArrangement with some buttons, see attached image. Buttons have phone number as text and photo as image. If I want to add numbers and photos I have to modify the project and recompile it. How could I add or edit directly from the application?

  • use the TextBox to store numbers in a TinyDB and select them with a ListPicker or ListViewer
  • use a List to select images from Media you already included in your app.

Lots of ways to do something like this, there are MANY options.

No problem for numbers, but I want add a new photo (not included)


So your question has nothing to the "direct phone call". It's about how to add phone number and image to a list..

You can use a List or Dictionary to save the data. Then use the ListView to show the phone/image, Do not use tableArrangement.

Where is the new photo? :cry: What you do depends on where the photo is coming from. :astonished:

Here are some possibilities (with and without solutions :slight_smile: ) Do a search for a topic without a suggestion.

1 Using Sharing component Social
2 Using CloudDb
3 using FirebaseDB How can i Download image from firebase

  • List item

The new photos are in the contacts, I know how get them (picker), but I don't know how to save them. The best solution would be put them in a list and save in tinydb.

I solved with this code

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