Difficulties when I share my app

I have shared my apps by saving my .apk file in to my Google drive. Then I have made QR-code of the link of the adress. That QR-code is on the wall of my class. The app is for remote control the robot cars with Arduino.

Now we cannot open the files with our Android-phones. We can get the right adress with QR-code reader, but the .apk file does not open in the phone. It used to open tens of times but not anymore. The adress does not open the package loader of the phone.

We can use the QR-code provider of the App inventor, but it closes the time in some hours as You know.

My pupils will make their own remote controllers, when they are clever enough. But while waiting for that time, we need that adress.

Hannu Olin

Here is a new extension to download an APK from e.g. Google Drive to ASD and install it.

See also here for a working APK with this extension:


Thanks for your help and advice and patience. I need more advice.

  1. I dont understand these extensions. Is this something, that converts my app or folder some way?
  2. You have picture of blocks. Does it mean, that I should make those blocks a part of my application?
  3. Should I install this .aix to my android-phone or to Chromebook (we dont use windows) or to my App inventor?

It is probably easier for your purpose if you send the addressees of the app the Google Drive link to the APK (→ direct link):


Thanks for your help.
I manage to get and share the right address many ways. I can share the file in mail too.
But the difficulties occur when I or my pupils try to open that .apk -file in the phone.

  1. If I use Build/App (Save -apk to my computer), I get "Packed file" (not "android package") to my computer. When I open that with my phone, I get a number different files. Cannot use them.

  2. If I use Build/App(provide qr-code for .apk), I can load and open that .apk in my phone. It is ok. I can share that file from my phone to my drive and then make a new adress with Google direct link generator (your hint) and then make qr-code with that adress, it WORKS.

Very complicated. Do you know reason? Anyway thank you.