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at the moment i am very interested in the way to make faster data entry
i tried voice recognition (it was no bad) but the environement where i work is too noisy which would force me to repeat the request several times
i turned to handwriting input but i’m stuck !
also in parallle i have realised an autocompletion box
it’s not so bad but for now i got one key and i get a very long list group of word because much of references begin by the same letters
to reduce list i would like the keys entered in the textbox reduce much more the list

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Perhaps try with a filterbar in the listview or see THIS by @Italo (also HERE) for a custom filterbar

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Thanks but using the contains bloc i get these results.


Also see this extension-free version …


I have downloaded and have used the apk, i have read the documentation but if i have understood i just can type one keyword in the textbox and i would like to use several keys


No contains block in your blocks ?

That wasn't considered in my sample.

You could extend your copy of the sample to multi-word input by continually using just the last word (split at blanks then take last list item by length of list block) for the lookup process, then replacing the last word with the lookup choice (if any.)

I also did not consider dynamic learning to populate the internal dictionary. That would be a good place to introduce the new dict data type, and to keep it in TinyDB between runs instead of regenerating it at the start of each run.


I wanted to speak about this bloc :

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comments on your blocks?

Okay …

You did not use the component value to feed your text manipulation. Use the Any Textbox branch with the component value , not Textbox, to avoid unwanted interaction with other textboxes . Alternatively, test if component = Textbox1 before starting lookups.

You did not extract the last word from the input textbox text like you wanted, to feed the lookup.

You use contains for your match, so you get lots more lookup matches than you can probably handle. Maybe don’t show them all until the list length is reasonably short.

Your algorithm will probably be slow since you don’t take advantage of fast component like the dictionary.

You don’t learn from your lookups for the next run (TinyDB).


I appreciate your different commentaries who will allow to improve me.
I try , and i hope to be efficency a day.
The dictionnary i have seen it among the components it's a new one and i wonder what is for !

You talk about making an historical ? In my mind the user don't do the same queries but it's an option that i could create when i'll be able to do my queries with more than one key



Blockquote Vous pouvez étendre votre copie de l'échantillon à une entrée de plusieurs mots en utilisant continuellement uniquement le dernier mot (divisé en blancs puis en prenant le dernier élément de la liste par la longueur du bloc de liste) pour le processus de recherche, puis en remplaçant le dernier mot par le choix de la recherche ( si seulement.)

there is like an algortihme in this sentence but translated or not
his interpretation goes over the head



i tried to translate what you had stated with these blocs but i don’t have what i was expected for
i was thinking with this whole blocs treat the second key looking for the result of the first search but i get nothing for the second keyword

(for now i have only one textbox in my app)



i think i’m on the right way

Thanks ABG, TIMAI2 and TAÏFUN !!

Why not use this extension