Deleted image asset still appearing

Hi. I am cleaning up my app and have some images loaded that I don't need. I was able to delete them (seemingly) but the still appear in my app when I run it in Companion.
It's a miracle. Just not a good one. : )

I've cleared the cache and Data for the Companion app.
I do have some old .apk's of the app on my phone...


Clear cache in companion app. You can also try uninstalling companion and reinstalling it.

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Thanks. Done. I was adding that in an edit when you posted. : )

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Yep. Unstalling & reinstalling did it. Thanks.
Wonder where it was hiding...

Yes, but then you have to grant all permissions again and all files stored in the ASD are also deleted.

So try this:

You could just browse to:

using Total Commander and delete the offending file.....

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... or connect the device to the computer via USB and delete the assets folder from (in) the ASD:

  • /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ (Android 10+)
  • /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ (Android < 10).

Thank you both. So that's where they are hiding. Great to know. Also thanks for the tip on Total Commander. I use an old version of ES File manger, and through these posts, have just discovered that it no longer shows files in /Android/data !

One of the many things I love about MIT Ai2 is that they keep updating it (please never stop!) so that our apps don't get broken over time.

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