Delete Data in Google Sheet

I have created the App based on the example,
I would want to delete the data in the Google sheet in specific columns after the Message is sent, so that I will be able to enter new data into the Google sheet.

In your google apps script, add the column/s you want to delete here:

    const STATUS = header.indexOf('Status');
    const YOUR_COLUMN = header.indexOf('Your_Column');

then further down, after the SMS is sent:

sheet.getRange(rowId + 1, STATUS + 1).setValue('SMS Sent');

sheet.getRange(rowId + 1, YOUR_COLUMN + 1).setValue('');

Republish your script once you have finished editing.

In the block build how should I move forward...I have placed a delete button

You don't need to, it will automatically happen after you have sent the text, as per your request.....

i would like to put up the complete explanation of my requirement,
I have a google sheet with the message content
The messages are called in the app and set from the app
The sent messages are updated in the google sheet
I then want to clear the status column and the message column in the google sheet
From the app I then want to fill all the message cells with a common message from the app
And again send the message

Right now with the example, is working with the same script. My columns to be cleared are Status and Text.
To further my requirement as explained above. What are the process to be done in the google sheet scripts and the MIT blocks

Do you want send the common message to all the names/numbers listed on the sheet, or just the person you sent the first message to?

Yes I want to send a common message to all the names and number.

You should be able to do this in the app:

Thanks will check it out and revert.