Sending a text message to multiple contacts at the same time

I am trying to send a text message to several contacts at the same time and have followed video tutorial from Professor Wolver at though when I test the code instead of sending the message to all contacts at once it does it 1 by 1, is there anything I am missing or that is the way the code works? Here are my blocks.



I think the logic is correct, so maybe the List can only send messages
1 by 1

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That is the way the code works. App Inventor 2 processes instructions asynchronously (one at a time; one after another) as Salman speculates.

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Thank you very much for response, I am trying to make a Panic Button app and the idea behind is to send a Text message to a list of contacts ( family members, emergency services, insurance, etc) and in case of an emergency time is usually a rarity so sending these messages 1 by 1 is not practical, I am experimenting how to come around this, though so far my approach is not working, also when I try to send a text message to only one number I get an error since my Test phone from where I am sending the message displays the number within square brackets indicating that it cannot send such number. Any ideas how to solve this?

Here are my blocksblocks(1)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

This code fails because of the make a list Block


You cannot set the Texting1.PhoneNumber to a LIST.. To send an sms to a series of phone numbers you need to use a for each item in list or for each number in list block. and send each item (the phone Number) followed by the SendMessage individually.

Your original code Blocks should work to send one text message after another. (You have to send as many text messages as you have items in the List. The sms will not go out as an sms to all numbers simultaneously).

So it's not good for me.
is there any extension that allows me to send sms in the same way?

Maybe, but it would be better if you try the extension first

I think for that you don't need an extension because you can do it using the ActivityStarter

Did you or somebody get the solution, to share...?

Send multiple sms ome by one using the clock component to now overwhelm the system