Delay on loading screen or bug

hi guys, i'm trying to make an application, and there is some error on the login screen, which when loading it to the cell phone, it locks when i start and says that apparently there is a problem and then closes.

in addition, i'm trying to create a login of the type, it recognizes the database list in listview, but i want that when filtering by textbox this list appears in listview, as soon as the last result appears with a maximum and minimum of 11 numbers type in, the result was validated as chosen, without being chosen as it is already a result; and soon the login was performed.

if you can help me with these two problems and explain me how to make a debugger of this aia, i will be eternally thankful.

app_Carol_estetica_prima_CLIENTE_Screen_pontoDeControle1.aia (5.0 MB)

Please see here how to ask a question

and switch the language to English before taking a screenshot


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I circled 3 places that don't make sense.

The Button Click event that compares a list of Elements to a single true/false value?

It's not a search, it's a simple comparison.

The Web2.GotText event where you build a local summary list of column 5 of global Items, then overwrite it with global ListaS, then lose it when you leave the event because it was local?

The Timer event where you build up a local list item by item, each time resetting it toa global list?

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In fact, it was working normally. pulls the database and isolates that database to be handled externally.

The idea of the search was, to be 2 in 1. search (filter) and when reaching 11 numbers and when this checks with the extracted database if there is an equal number, then log in.

Have you tested the app?

If you haven't tested it, change the items that you think don't make sense to you, test it and tell me why it still keeps crashing, please.

Here are two blocks you need.

Attempting to fix a non-English app is beyond my capacity.

So is trying to guess global variable purposes from too-short or non-English names.

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The issue is not whether or not the names are written in Portuguese, the blocks are in English and the logic is the same. the last time they did it for me because I'm a layman on the subject and they noticed some error in terms of the application actually running, because an internal bug was created and they managed to remove it by doing a debug. I don't know how to do this and that's what they told me they did to solve it. but thanks anyway.