De Blocks editor doesn't open anymore

Today when i try to open de Blocks editor is says I have to wait but it stay's like that. What's happening? De last week i got this popup that i have to wait more frequently. But now it seems to stuck somewhere.

Can you show ur blocks or send aia file ?

It works fast for me. Create a new app and see if you can quickly switch from Designer to Blocks.

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I think that's your network problem


It does it quickly with little apps

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It looks indeed like a network problem. I tried ik with an other computer and that works fine. Thanks!


It is more likely a memory issue. The design and blocks for every screen are loaded prior to the first screen being rendered in the editor, so if you get at least to the point that you can see Screen1 in the designer all of the network activity loading the project is completed at that point. If you switch from Design to Blocks and you get a message about waiting, this is likely due to a complex project that requires a lot of memory to render the blocks. Consider closing any apps you don't need, or switching to another browser that doesn't use as much RAM.


You are right. This is exactly wat happens. It wasn't a networkproblem after all. I have indeed a complex project. I am going to try out your advice. Thanks.

My computer memory is 4 GB. Is it going smoother when i upgrade this?

I have the same problem from the same day.
I don't think it is a memory problem, I have 16GB of RAM and I have allocated 8Gb to Chrome.
The heavy blocks do not open them, they are put on hold.
I have deleted all the projects (saving copy), I have reset OS (windows 10)
A blank project and I cannot open the backpack, which contains a block of 200 lines.
I am desperate, they can bring some light.
Sorry for my English


Can you tell something about your project. Number of screens, number of blocks, extensions, assets, etc?

Also which browser? Have you tried with Firefox or the new chrome based Edge ?

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My project has 3 screens, the apk is 5.4mb.
A specific screen has more than 50 blocks, some very heavy.
I use chrome, I have tested on firefox and edge.
Without doing anything, everything went from working fine to not being able to open the heavy blocks.
My pc has 32 gb of ram, i5 3.6 ghz processor and my connection is fiber optic.

Can you share your aia here or can you export your project and pm it to me?

si, digame su correo y le enviaré el proyecto.

please tell me your email and I will send you to * .aia

You can send a pm to me.
Click on your photo and open the mailbox on the right. Click the envelop twice.

I think I have sent it to you correctly
Thank you

My laptop doesn't like your aia. Unchive doesn't like it. App Inventor loaded but your inicio screen is heavy with blocks 7874 of them. I can hardly move the blocks or open collapsed blocks. Does your number of blocks really have to be this high or could you optimize them or rethink your project?

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I will think about redoing everything and making it more agile. the problem did not appear little by little, as the project grew, but it did so suddenly. Thanks for your interest. I will follow your advice

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