DATAFILE - How do you create columns and rows and then save etc.?

I'm pulling my hair out. Having never used file storage, I would like to use datafile component to store what would essentially be an X columns by Y Rows (appending every time a new row is added).
I do not want to use TinyDB, or Google sheets - simply a FILE that I can save, but after inserting a DATAfile component into designer, and looking at the options in BLOCKs, the only block I can understand how to use is CALL DataFIle.readfile !

Could anyone point me to a video tutorial please?


Learn to work with lists of lists
You can store them directly inTinyDB or converted as csv table in a file


Thanks Taifun, I will follow your links and have a read. I thought to use Files instead of TinyDB so that I can copy the file from one tablet to the next - perhaps this is possible with a TinyDB?

To access data from different devices, store it in an online database, for example Google sheets
So the question is



Use the File component

You can create a file, append rows of data, and save the file.

after transferring the file to another device you have to use SAF to access it, which might be a bit complicated... therefore using an online database is easier imho...

see also Some basics on Android storage system and