Data set problem

When this is run using Companion both "Stats" and "Graph" display
When run as app "Graph" will not work.
Just wondering if anyone knows how I can fix this

Graphit.aia (402.9 KB)

If you are able to upload some image o some block, more people can help you.
Have a nice day

I don't get a data table at all when pressing Table button using companion. You don'y appear to be declaring the tables anywhere.

Also, for the arrayTable (on Screen1), you can drag in a web component and use jsontextdecode, instead of all those replacement blocks.

You could do this all on one screen and use virtual screens, to ease data transfer between screens.

Graphing when compiled may be due to timing issues ?

As always, I recommend you simplify in a test app to get all features working, step by step, then add new features and customisation, step by step, testing as you go.

This uses Ken's TableView. The Graph and Tableview are on seperate screens. I made this aia. by cutting these two screens from my app.

It does display the Table and the graph. The Tableview displays weirdly in Companion mode but it displays. In app mode it displays perfectly.

In Companion mode the Graph is like this

I did simplify and added step by step and the screen in this aia is the result. It did work with 125 data but once I added new data to the set it stopped.

Ah, you have now moved the goalposts...

Evidently ?

Here are your basics, you should be able to make it "pretty" from here.

I used Tableviewer because Tableview was breaking things (need to investigate that)

simpleGraphIt.aia (41.1 KB)

OK. Now I understand you. Thank you very much.
same as with mine: there is a graph in Companion mode but when run as app there is no graph at all !!
Is there a way to have a persistent header with TableViewer?

See the link I provided to Tableviewer above, details of how to set a sticky header, and how to do all the formatting you want are there

I see the graph with the compiled app...

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OHHH Buggers!!!

I only just now discovered the graph works on Android 13 and not 11

Should work for all android versions...

I updated my dedicated phone. The update went from 11 to 11.1 and it now works perfectly! I have one very slick graph thanks to you.

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