Data is lost when the application is restarted

So basically I am building an application that contains more than one tinyDB. So basically when I store information in any tinyDB the data is stored while the application is working but when I restart the application all the data is lost in all tinyDBs. I don't know why this is happening. Can anyone help me?

I do not know about the data lost part of it, without you showing us the blocks.
But I can make a guess, you mentioned the usage of multiple tinyDBs, so that changes the namespace of the tinyDB. You have to be careful about changing the namespaces when required, or else you wont be able to retrieve data.

Also, instead of using multiple tinyDBs, you can try changing the namespace of one tinyDB

So you are saying to create namespace. If I am not wrong namespace is used to collect same kind of data separately but I don't think that it is needed and plus I don't know how to do it. :cry:
The blocks that uses tinyDB are many so I will be sharing them soon.

blocks (1)

If I remember correctly, the tinyDB is currently unable to store time instants as instants.

Your Back button event clears TinyDB.

Does it clear every DB?

Even if it does not save instants and if I were to change it but it still does not answer my problem. Right?

It clears every TinyDB that has the same NameSpace value as the one you cleared.
If you left them all set to NameSpace=TinyDB1, then yes, you cleared them all.

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Thanks a lot everyone. It worked. Really appreciate you all replying to my queries.
More power to you all :slight_smile: