Data file sharing between two applications

I want to create an application that stores data in a file (SQLITE).
I would like to be able to open it with another application, or with this same application in the event of a phone change.
Unfortunately, I find that when I want to open it after a reinstallation (not an update) I get this error message. -" open failed: EACCES (permission denied)"

it's as if each application can only open the file it creates itself. That's right?
If so, is there any possibility that several applications can use the same database?

Thanks for all the ideas

Most often, yes, this is the case.

Each app has its own sqlite database, this is not shareable with other apps, as far as I know.

You could use an online resource to store your sqlite.db, and import it to different applications as required...this will be a bit messy especially if you have multiple users....

You could also work with google sheets....

and I forgot to mention SAF (storage access framework)

You need SAF for this on Android 11+. On all other Android versions you (only) need READ permission to open / read it and WRITE permission to save data.

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Great! Thank you both
SAF seems good