Dami Slider : Image Sliding Extension With Caching

Simple extension to create infinite image sliding automatically or manually with page indicator , margin & radius.


  • recyclerview
  • discrete scrolling
  • page indicator
  • picasso caching etc

Create image sliding like below and many more !



Download Link
com.xtiger.damislider.aix (159.6 KB)
Design1.aia (169.6 KB)
Design2.aia (170.4 KB)

Support for further development
Coindrop.to me


After bottom nav another very handy extension by you. Thanks


Suggestion: you can add a dot indicator at the bottom of the image and sync it with current image.

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I tried it and I like it.
I would also like it with the analog buttons that a slider has and even better it would be if it could use the saved images on our device.
Thanks for sharing.

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Suggestion: when in manual/swipe mode (not auto) at the last image return to the first image, like a carousel, and like what your auto function does...or at least provide an option for this. Also, can you add any other animations ? Also, ability to set/adjust speed of animation when in auto mode?

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Infinite scrolling feature is implemented,
Currently i dint find any library without R.txt for dots indicator so it will implemented when i find such library
Currently working on picasso implementation for caching
I will release new version when picasso and animations added.

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You can take help from @oseamiya Unity ads extension to implement R.txt.

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Thanks , will try soon

It worked,
Dots indicator also added

Updated download links in first post


Great, very useful extensions by you. I will use this in my production app. Thanks

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Switched Viewpager to RecyclerView library for better performance !

Few and simple blocks

Drag listview component to add recyclerview library
Download from top of the post with v2


Final version 3.3
Picasso library also added to load and cache images

Download link updated in 1st post

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