CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

is your webpage working with browser on computer?

hello all, i,m new to this. please could you explain details that how to cache offline web page ?

Set CacheMode property to 1 after initializing and setting a webview active. If internet is not available then webview will use cached resources.
If you want to view website offline then you will have to save it as archive.

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thanks for reply dude, as i said i,m new please could you post images here when screen initializing? thanks in advance.

Yes the webpage is working with browser on computer


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Here they are:

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Enabling cache doesn't mean that you will be able to load site even when offline. It helps loading the site faster by using cached resources so all of them doesn't need to rendered using network.

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Ok, but clearing history doesn't seem to work.

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My mistake, sorry.

I'll check.

Hi there^^, I can't find the block "

VerticalArrangment1" after looking around, please help me ^^THX...

You need to add a vertical arrangement in the Layouts palette in the Designer, then in the blocks, scroll down and you will find the block.

Thanks a lot :heart:I got it :grinning:

sir can i translate the web page in my app using your web view?

I dont think this extension has any relationship with translation.

is there any extenstion for that?

Do you have Google or Microsoft translation API key?

no sir