Webview wont load if self signed from lets encrypt

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to see a page on web viewer. It used to load perfectly fine if i had used http://
but now once i have started to use https:// encryption done from lets encrypt

i am not even able to open the web viewer.

whereas i would be able to open https://google.com

Please help?

Can you load your Https web page in your computer browser, or in Chrome on your device?

yes, it would just say not secure but i can load them

Not secure for Https? Sounds like something is wrong with your SSL?

yeah, but question is how to show not secure content in webview?

You do it when you load your Http page

What website are you trying to load?

Apologies, but you are nit getting my question ..be it http or https..at this point i am not able to load my website which is self signed and hosted in local network..and which was working earlier with http in webview

Its a custom website hosted in local network(lan)

Say etc

Try using this extension.

this is crashing right away

That's because you might have not initialized it correctly.

Just for information:

I followed your steps but it didnt still load for me

can you suggest what should be done?

neither the google link or local server is shown here

Do you get any error? Check the logs.

Please check the screen shots


Update. it is working now.

I followed your same steps using custom web viewer extension. and used Http instead of https which started to show results

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