Button Choose Image Not Working on webview?

Hi all,

I have created app with app inventor webview and customwebview, but have a problem with button to choose file from android device when upload image is not working.

actually my script for choose and uload file working well on chroome and other browser, but when i create my own browser, the button not working.

i attach my script and app inventor blocks, please help what should I do to make the button working?

All Components

Post aia.
Blocks look correct.

This is my aia files, thanks.

NAU.aia (1.1 MB)

Login and pass required to test

Dear TIMAI2,

please use below account to test it
Username : test@test.com
Password : test

go to the following page to test upload image:

Thanks in advance.

This works

NAU_revised.aia (29.6 KB)

Uses the webviewer and the webviewextra extension

Your website is not mobile friendly (at all)

Adding CustomWebView to project doesn't mean WebViewer will be enabled to upload files.
CustomWebView is different and it should be initialized in a vertical arrangement. This arrangement should be properly visible and have full height and width.
After choosing image, your website shows a JS alert which you need to handle yourself. There are multiple ways to do that.
Normal way:

Here is working aia file.
NAU.aia (1.1 MB)

Hope you will read snippets related to CustomWebView.

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Dear TIMAI2,

After I test, it doesn't work at all, but thank you very much, it has been solved by @vknow360

Dear @vknow360,

it works, and now I can upload image from my own browser.


I am interested in why it did not work for you? I would not have posted the amended aia project if it had not worked for me

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