Customizing Notifier

Is there anyway to display text one below the other like the below img in the notifier
instead of this

Yes you can,
Try it this way -

Symbol: H\nAtomic mass: 1.00784u\nAtomic number: 1\nElectronic configuration: 1s1\nDiscoverer: Henry Cavendish\nIsotopes: Deuterium, Tritium

Also look

yes it should. or if it doesn't, try using the tag "
".(works in html format)
\n generally works but I have not tried it on a notifier



Actually, in the notifier message dialog you need to use <br> instead of \n


Yes, Utkarsh can do this too if he uses a Notifier.ShowMessageDialog instead of a Notifier.ShowAlert to display text items in different lines

The ShowMessasgeDialog requires html notation to elicit the carriage return;

however Notifier.ShowAlert requires the carriage return notation ( \n ) to accomplish the line changes( as shown earlier - post#8) notifier

How one 'customizes' a Notifier depends on which Notifier Block is used in the Project, so be careful.

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Ok thank You so much

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