Custom Package Name

Hello there, I made a new app but I want to custom my package name. But in the Google Play Store we upload a .aab file. So can anyone help me changing it? I am a little dumbie.

Semplicemente basta che vai in Screen1 e nella proprietà AppName, vai a specificare il nome che desideri.

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I didn't post it yet in the play store. I just need to change the appinventor.ai_

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But i upload the aab file in the play store, if i use AI2Offline will change both apk and aab?

Did you or did you not publish to Google Play?


I mean that when i will upload it in the play store, I will upload the aab file not the apk. In the offline ai2 can I change both packages?

i get a problem when i start it: EAccessViolation

With AI2Offline the packageName is
(regardless of APK or AAB).

So, i will instal AI2OFFLINE with the choice of com..projectName?

This is what i get when i try to open A2OFFLINE. Screenshot_1

Try to uninstall AI2Offline and install it again. Never exprerienced such error. Else if persist open a ticket and maybe the developer can help you

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