CTRL + F, Scrollbar Yellow marks missing

Ya hace un tiempo el editor de código dejó de mostrar las marcas amarillas en la barra de scroll al activar el buscador(CTRL+F) del navegador chrome haciendo mucho mas difícil la búsqueda de bloques en proyector largos.
Probé en el navegador brave y tiene el mismo problema.
Detecté que con zooms muy cercanos vuelven a aparecer las marcas.

Some time ago the code editor stopped showing the yellow marks in the scroll bar when activating the search engine (CTRL+F) of the Chrome browser, making it much more difficult to search blocks in long projects.
I tried in brave browser and it has the same problem.
I detected that with very close zooms the marks appear again.

See the browser extensions in the Blocks Editor FAQ FAQ Section: Blocks Editor

I already read the options and they are not functional for me. Block finder put in columns the code, ai2 helper does not apply to my need. I was used to CTRL + F and I wanted to know if anyone had the same issue and was able to solve it.