Creating "history taking attendance" in App Inventor


So I'm developing an employee attendance app in App Inventor and I'm unsure how to create a personal daily attendance record displayed within the app, the daily attendance record is based on csv file from Google Sheets

This is the example how I expected

And this is the database that i wanted to put into the application

And this is "not yet finished" Blocks

Thank You!

Does this app also have to allow entry of new attendance data?

i can do it, but PAID

yes it is, and i've already figure it out how to read the new entry of attendance data. i just have no idea how to display the "history" and how to applicate the data to the table, or maybe to the list view, i don't know

i wish to have the display as clean as the example of the other application

Here is a sample Sheets app for you ...

This is a sample of YAML table display: