Creating a Dictation App just like Speech to Text App


Please I was trying to create an app that accept speech and convert to a text. However that was achieved but i observed that when i say in anything after the first word has displayed it get cleared off for the next word to be displayed.

So i need a way to ensure the words never clear off from the text box which i may later copied it out.

This tutorial may show a way to use the SpeechRecognizer to display text.

Adapt the code to do exactly what you want to do Sherifdeen.

Load the example and see how it work. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @SteveJG I have checked this earlier but I observe this app uses list view which doesn't give the ability to copy out the text at the end.


So fix it to work the way you want it to!

Use a Label and save the contents of the Label to a TinyDB if you want.

Eliminate the app's 10 word limit to allow more text when you get the Label to work.

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Thank you @SteveJG However as it is i cant copy out the text or i there any approach to that

The text in a List View can be copied out if you wish.

@ChrisWard please in what way

You can make a paragraph by looping through the list items.

An example (no text-to-speech)
StringFromListView.aia (2.3 KB)


..the text is copied to the Label using the recommended code posted earlier. You can copy the Label to a TinyDB or send it as an email, or send it to a GoogleSheet . YOU will need to do some programming.

You might be able to print it the text in the Label to a printer using an extension.

an easy way:

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That's the best way!