The development of a Dictation App


Please I was attempting to make a speech-to-text software that would accept voice input. Even though that was accomplished, I noticed that whenever I type anything after the first word has appeared, space is freed up for the following word to appear.

I, therefore, need a mechanism to guarantee that the words never disappear from the text box so that I can later copy them out.

Regards: Cheaper Fiat

?? guarantee ?? whether this is possible or not depends on what you coded Isabell.

Here is a tutorial that may help you solve your issue :

HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things .

The tutorial example posts the speech to a ListView. I modified it to post to a Label to accept the spoken text.

Would you be interested in testing the modified aia?

It looks like this

Also see Creating a Dictation App just like Speech to Text App - #9 by SteveJG for other suggestions to modify the tutorial to get a response you like.