Create Table from JSON Web Response


I have been reviewing all topics on here as well as trying to use chatGPT and am struggling with the following:

I am accessing the url:

this will contain ever changing JSON code but it will always follow this format:

[{"id":"3","asset_number":"000001","sound_or_light":"Miscellaneous","brand":"DELL","model":"OPTIPLEX 3020","Category":"OFFICE PC","What_Fixing_Does_it_Use":"N/A","speaker_driver":"N/A","power_supply":"GREEN CELL PRO AC ADAPTER (INPUT 100-240V 1.5A) (OUTPUT 19.5V = 3.34A 65W)","What_Lamp_LED_does_it_use":"N/A","status":"Broken","issue_description":"N/A","is_fixable":"N/A","booked_for_repair":"N/A","like_for_like_link":"","repairer":"N/A","location":"Club Republic","Sub_Location":"Aaron's Office","responsibility":"Aaron Hatfield","last_service_date":"2024-06-12","basic_full_service":"test","next_service_due":"2024-06-21","last_serviced_by":"aaron","Asset_Last_Updated_By":"aaron"},{"id":"200","asset_number":"9771234567003","sound_or_light":"Miscellaneous","brand":"Brand","model":"Model","Category":"Category","What_Fixing_Does_it_Use":"Fixing","speaker_driver":"Friver","power_supply":"Power","What_Lamp_LED_does_it_use":"LAMP","status":"Working","issue_description":"issue","is_fixable":"fixable","booked_for_repair":"booked","like_for_like_link":"link","repairer":"repairer","location":"The Lawrence Sheriff Rugby","Sub_Location":"Dancefloor Lighting Rig","responsibility":"responsible","last_service_date":"2024-06-13","basic_full_service":"Test Code","next_service_due":"2024-06-20","last_serviced_by":"AH","Asset_Last_Updated_By":"LEO"}]

I cannot for the life of me fathom how I go about showing the data in a table from the moment the page is loaded.

Any help would really be appreciated

Something like this should get you started:

Crredits @Kevinkun for the Tableviewer extension

(Depending on how your data is being returned, it may already be a json and not a string, so you may not need to decode it.)


(The table scrolls horizontally to show all the data)

You may also want to sort the dataList...

I show here how you might move the id and asset_number to the beginning of the list:


Thank you for this - this worked however the data from the url which I have now changed to

is always going to change - I have tried the attached image way but this does not work - I need the table to be ever changing as the assets that need servicing will change daily

How would I go about this?

You said this in your first post. Regardless, the blocks I provided should generate a table.

What does not work ?