Create calendar

hi everyone, I want to create a calendar display and in the display I can see the events that have been set

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I made a reminder application, I want to display a calendar in my application, in the calendar there are appointments that have been set by the user. I use the google sheet calendar


this is calendar that i make in google sheet. now i want to ask how to connect this calendar with my daily planner app in MIT App Inventor

I suggest you try this calendar, created by @Kevinkun, and store your events in a list linked to the date. Display these events when the date is selected.

That calendar design only works if you were to print it out on paper and write appointments on the paper.

If you want to use a Google Sheet to store appointments by date and time, start a new sheet with three columns:

  • date of appointment (Numeric, with yyyyMMdd formatting)
  • time of appointment (numeric, with hhmm formatting)
  • text of appointment

See the Spreadsheet Component Help for how to request rows using a filter.