Create Blocks bluetooth

Hello everyone, I have such a problem. I need to make such a block, and inside the block there must be, for example, send the character "R" via bluetooth, and the blocks must connect with each other, and in applications, connect the blocks and build code through the block

can I do something like that please help

Hi @Kenesbek,

It looks like you are using scratch like blocks. You understand that this is the App Inventor community and not the Scratch community?

no, as I understand it, I'm using the app inventor, and in the photo this is an example, I also need to do it like that

for example, I create and connect blocks inside application programs, and the application sends the specified one, do you understand me, did I describe everything correctly?

We have lot's of topics about bluetooth.


thanks, but in my opinion you didn’t understand me, I want to create an application that can be programmed in blocks inside. For example, inside the application I select 1 block and connect it with block 2 and block 3 as shown in the picture. And 1 block = send via bluetooth "R". and block 2 = 2 seconds delay. 3 block = send on bluetooth "M". And I press the start button. The application sends the character "R" and waits for 2 seconds and sends the character "M" all this is like mit app inventor but here everything should be inside applications

Maybe you can explain what kind of app you are trying to make and where you are sending your characters too?

I want to create everything on mit appent inventor. For example, we on Mitapp inventor will make an application through a block. I want to create a program through blocks

in short, I want to create an application, inside which you can connect blocks to each other and design a simple program

To what bluetooth device is your app connected? Are you using the bluetoothclient and/or server component in App Inventor or the BluetoothLE extension?

bluetooth client connected arduino ide

I think he wants to create an scratch like environment in his app to send values to the Bluetooth (in short a BLE only scratch)

you are absolutely right, thanks

how can this be implemented

The only thing i can think of is doing that with a canvas and imagesprites.

Please, try you can show

You could start with a small tutorial on how to use the canvas and imagesprites.

Sorry, I'm a beginner, is it possible to connect 2 pictures in the form of blocks

using canvas

You could make it look like two blocks are connected yes. But since you are a beginner i would start small and follow the tutorial and see if you think App Inventor is the best way to go for your project.

Start small and see your knowledge on how to use App Inventor grow over time.