Create a text box with user input by clicking

Hello, I want the program to create a text box with the entered text when the user clicks, and this process is endless, and if he exits the page, the text boxes will still remain.

How will the user input the text if the textbox does not exist ? :wink:

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This plugin is not correct because it says that in a layout, if I want the user to create as many text boxes as he wants and change its name. The layout should no longer be used :smiley:

Sorry, I mean checkbox :grin: :pray: :pray:

Something that can be deleted and ticked :pray: :smiley:

Still not really obvious what you want to do?

  1. Click a button to create a new record ?
  2. Enter data after new record created, or before ?
  3. Why use a checkbox when you could use a button to delete?
  4. Confirm to user that they want to delete a record ?
  5. Remove record after deletion, or leave empty record for reuse ?