Create a future alarm o alert

Í am doing app for cars
To remmember when it need an oil change for example. An alert for future. A date that user set.
Í need help with this. I don unos how to do.
Thanks a lot

Try the alarmmanager extension


Welcome Caroll.

There are many ways you can use App Inventor to schedule an event at a future date .
An extension, in your case is probably not required.

This example shows one way using a Clock . It is not a full app. Modify it to do what you want it to do

to schedule an event.

  • you need to code blocks to set the date you change oil . There are various ways to set an 'alarm date'. The example provides a Button to set a date and stores the date in a TinyDB. The code adds as many months as you want to today's date using the TextBox. You could use a DatePicker etc.
  • to check if that scheduled data has arrived; run the app ( do not use Button1 - it will reset the date) to see how many days until the scheduled event.

Add a Sound component and an mp3 sound file etc. to make the entire app. :slight_smile: