Crashing app on wifi view

I have problems with the app crashing every time i want to view it by wifi. There should be no reason for the crashes. I have tried to disable the blocks i have been working on before the crash, but this do not prevent the crash. The app i rather big so i cannot show the blocks here. Is there a way to find the reason for crashes as i see no reason at the moment.

To find out what is going on:


It is very strange. I tried changing to another app i have finished long time ago and until now working fine. Suddenly the crash also appears when viewing this app. This must be som kind of software problem and not something to do with my app. Do you agree?

Probably not... logcat can help...

I have never noticed a crash in companion for no reason. There is currently one bug in ai2 that can cause companion to crash in android 9 or older. Companion will crash when you use non-standard fonts. But in newer android there is no such error.

Explain why both apps i have been working on today both crashes while a very old one works fine. I have disabled all blocks in the test app i have been working on todday and still it crashes. The main app is crashing as well.

Post the aia or send it to me (or @Patryk_F) via PM. We can take a look.

What do you mean by AIA? I get no error message.

Export your project to your computer and post it (the aia). Does it also crash with the compiled app (APK)?

Thank you for your help, but i need to go to bed. I am trying to install the app apk on my phone as we speak, but it goes very slow. I will be back tomorrow.

We might be able to explain it after you providing a logcat result


I cannot export the aia as you have requested. When i go to export aia as you showed on above nothing happends. I have tried several times but nothing. I have also tried to build the application but the installl is not possible after trying all night. I have htree different apps with this problem. Two are just test apps with no real code. I have tried to restart both computer and mobile but nothing helps.

This time an error message appeared. unable to load file. It writes a tripple bar png that i have uploaded long time ago. It is not present in the other two app i cannot view on my phone.

Probably your app is very overloaded. It's possible that the aia is too big for the capabilities of ai2...

but I have 3 different apps and one is a test version and it contains no active blocks. Surely this one is not too big.

I don't have any crashes with my projects. I can test them in companion and I can build an apk. I can also export and import projects. So it must be some project problem. Try to export your project, otherwise we won't be able to help.

I have the apk, but the upload is not authorized on this page. can i pm it.

suddenly the aia works.
test2.aia (2.4 KB)

I see you are using Firebase. Maybe the problem is the same as here:

I had the same problem earlier and changed for the central american server. This is not my problem now.