Copying screens over different projects

I have a screen on one project that I want to be in another project. I have tried using the backpack but it takes too long and for some reason when I use the backpack to copy the code it dosen't work on the other project. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

You can solve this problem by following this steps:

Click on the Screen Component.

Then click control (ctrl) + C on your keyboard.

Click on the Screen Component on the new project.

Then click control (ctrl) + V on your keyboard.

All the components and properties of the Screen of the Old App will transfer to the New App.

Go to blocks, sometimes there may be some error. So right click and select "Delete ## Blocks".

Copy the blocks of the Old App by putting it to the Backpack and paste it to the New App.

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Just save a copy of the current Project to a new Project name. If there are other Screens that you do not want, you can delete them in the copy.

I tried doing all your suggestions but for some reason when I copy the screen into the other program it does not work.

The orginal screen however does work. The code is exactly the same. Any ideas on how can I fix this?

Without something specific to work with, I can only speculate:

  • Did you also replicate off-screen components (Clocks, Databases, extensions) manually to your new screen before testing?
  • Did you resolve all yellow and red errors in the Blocks Editor after the copy?
  • If it wasn't the above, do you have a screen recording (like Loom) to show us?

I figured it out! I had forgotten to change the name of the screen in the blocks as the two projects had different screen names. I checked the red error and found the problem. Thanks for your help!

effectively off-screen component are not copied...Is ther a way to copy them or is the only way is to recreate them in new project ?

It seems we can copy paste standard componants, but if they are extension componant, we have fisrt to import manually the extension...

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Which is why saving the current project with a new name to make a new project can be a faster approach. The difference is, instead of copying across the items you want into a new project, you delete items you don't want from the new project.

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