Converting of app inventor blocks to JavaScript (is USSD possible?)

There is no magic bullet for this.

If you want to do it bit by bit manually, see

I don't know about JavaScript but you can convert your project into Java.

How can u do such ?

Why do you need that? If you like JavaScript and want to use AppInvenor, why not create a GUI part with AppInventor and write your logic in JavaScript? In that case, you can use the AppInventor WebView block to call the JavaScript. A good explanation is below:

Thank you ! But I will like to know how to convert my app inventor blocks to java

Here you go:

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Are they still alive?

Not sure about now but it was working 2-3 months ago.

This is what the blocks compartment shows , no blocks . Is it supposed to be like this or is this an error ?

Hasn't it been left behind by AI2? I think it relates to Classic.

Sorry but I don’t understand this

Sorry Herin. Before "App Inventor 2", which we use now, there was "App Inventor" - since renamed as "App Inventor Classic" to emphasis that they are not one and the same thing.

Now I could be wrong (often am) but I think jbridge was built around App Inventor Classic. If that is the case, it's not going to work well, if at all, with App Inventor 2.

Wow . Thanks for the information but is there anything else I can do

Where can I be able to download App inventor classic ?

Well, App Inventor is a good foundation for any other language. If you have a good understanding of App Inventor, you should be able to learn another language and indeed, if that language is used to make Android Apps, reproduce an App Inventor App.

Can I have a link to download app inventor classic ? Thank you

App Inventor Classic was moth-balled in 2015 so it can't be compared to AI2 in terms of capability and cannot produce a compliant App for late versions of Android. It would of course still be a good tool for learning.

I don't know if there is a download, sorry. Of course try a Google search.

I tried but it bringing out only app inventor 2 download

But what I think I should do is to add java codes through web viewer . Will that work efficiently

You can use Javascript, within an HTML file, through a WebView component - Java is as similar to Javascript as a square is to a circle.

What is it that you wish to achieve that cannot be done with App Inventor itself?