Connecting to google sheets

For our app, we are trying to identify if objects are recyclable or not with a barcode scanner. Right now, we made the barcode scanner (camera in app) which outputs the barcode as text. We want to connect the app to our google sheets where we have two columns--the barcode number and the print value of if the object is recyclable or not. Essentially, we need the app to do a quick "Control + Find" to search for the barcode in our google sheet, and then print the column to the right of it. How might we connect this?

We also wanted to have it so users could add in new items that aren't in the database already, into the google sheet after repetitive (for legitimacy) users note that an item is recyclable or not.

Thanks a ton

Everything you need should be here:


Can I suggest a small change in design? It would be much easier to use the data if it were in four columns - two each for recyclable and non recyclable.

Got you--just learning so how would this benefit the design?

Awesome thank you

....The data is therefore pre-sorted and so extracting it will be faster and more reliable than trying to pick-out individual entries as you would have to with only 2 columns.

Well, Tim has pointed out that the Query function will work with two columns of data just as quickly, so my advice to build four can be ignored. :sunglasses: