Connect with micro:bit

a mirco:bit control by appinventor project is being planned. I have read some video about the connection and just want to know:

when micro:bit is controlled by smartphone thru appinventor apps, which pin(s) on micro:bit is/are used by the bluetooth (BLE) connection ? or NO pins is using and ii still can use every pin i want ?

thank you very much.

Hello joey

There are two different models of the micro:bit now (new generation difficult to find at the moment though). However, both versions have BLE built-in, so none of the pins are required for BLE.

App Inventor has some dedicated code Blocks for micro:bit, as an extension library (which is especially good if you want to develop gray hair), all depends on what your App + hardware needs to do. There are different levels of security too - most micro:bit projects do not need to be concerned with security so that is a 'tick' in it's favour.